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Programming Your Malström Patch > Programming the Play Parameters - Pg. 237

Loading REX Slices As mentioned earlier, the NN-19 can import and use REX files. This can be done from the standard patch-browsing interface in the upper-left corner. Once imported, the REX file is mapped out chromatically on the NN-19 interface starting at the C1 key. The NN-19 can also import individual REX file slices. This is a great feature, because it can lead to several creative possibilities. For example, by importing individual slices from different REX files, you can build your own custom drum kit and save it as an NN-19 patch, or possibly a kit of different sound effects taken from different REX files. It really is up to you and your creativity! In order to import a REX slice, you must use the Browse Sample tools, found in the upper-middle portion of the NN-19 interface (see Figure 11.3). Click on the folder icon to launch the sample browser window, which is identical to the patch browser window. Let's get in a little practice importing a REX slice. 1. 2. 3. Use the sample browser window to find the Reason Factory Sound Bank ReFill. Open the ReFill and navigate to (and open) the Dr Rex Drum Loops folder. Open the first folder in the list, called Abstract Hip Hop. Double-click the first REX file, SoleSide. The sample browser window will then display all of the 17 individual slices within the SoleSide REX file (see Figure 11.4). Notice that, just like the patch browser window, you have the Autoplay option in the lower-right corner to audition each slice.