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Meet the reMix Mixer > Setting Levels - Pg. 129

STEREO SYNTHS AND MONO SYNTHS IN REASON 2.5 Press the Tab key on your keyboard to flip the Reason interface around, and have a look at the first synth, which is Redrum. In Figure 6.16, notice that there are distinct left and right outputs for this device (hence, it is a stereo synth). If you follow the cable, you will see that the Redrum outputs have been routed to two separate inputs on channel 1 of reMix. Next, scroll down the Device Rack until you see the outputs of Subtractor (see Figure 6.17) and you will notice that there is a single audio output jack on the back of it. Follow its output cable and notice that it is routed to channel 4 of reMix. Press the Tab key again and notice that you have one pan control for the Redrum channel and one pan control for the Subtractor channel. This might seem a little strange to the veteran mix board jockeys out there, so let me explain. Figure 6.18 shows how a stereo signal is routed into a hardware mixer. In a typical studio environment, a stereo signal will occupy channel 1 and channel 2. Additionally, channel 1 is panned hard left while channel 2 is panned hard right. Why is reMix different? To save space in the interface, Propellerhead has combined both the left and right channels into one channel in reMix. Also, stereo signals are automatically panned hard left and right upon being routed into reMix. So, if you were to pan Redrum left, it would look something like Figure 6.19 in the analog- mixing world.