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Meet the reMix Mixer > Auxiliary Sends and Returns - Pg. 140

Browsing and Loading Patches When you first load a Redrum module there is no drum kit loaded. Of course, this will simply not do for this tutorial, so navigate to the lower-left corner of the interface, where you can browse the drum patches (see Figure 7.6). Either click on the browser window or on the folder button located directly below it to open the Patch Browser window (see Figure 7.7). At this point, you should see the Reason Factory Sound Bank ReFill. However, if this is your first time using Redrum or Reason for that matter, the ReFills might not be displayed in your browser window. If this is the case, just click on the Find All ReFills button, located at the upper-right corner of the browser window (see Figure 7.8). At this point, you should then see all three of the installed ReFills available in the browser window. Figure 7.6 Redrum's Patch Select area is where you access the drum patches. Figure 7.7 The Patch Browser window is where you locate and load Redrum kits.