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TIME-SAVER Here's a quick tip that will not only save you time, but will also impress your friends. Once a patch is loaded into the Redrum interface, you can quickly change to the next drum kit of that same style by clicking once in the Patch Name window. A pull-down menu will appear (see Figure 7.9) with all of the other available kits within the same genre. In this case, because you already loaded a Groovemasters drum kit, once you click on the Patch Name window, you can choose from the five included kits of this style. Additionally, you can use the up and down arrow buttons located below the Patch Name window. Figure 7.9 By clicking on the Patch Name window, you can quickly select another kit. Just below the patch selection window are the two global setting options for Redrum (see Figure 7.10). They both are important to the overall sound quality and playability of Redrum. High Quality Interpolation can greatly improve the sound quality of the sample playback in Redrum. When activated, this function employs a very advanced interpolation algorithm, which