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PRE-FADER, POST-FADER The button labeled P in the Aux send section of reMix is the pre-fader button for auxiliary send 4. When it's clicked on, any signal currently routed through Aux send 4 will be sent to the effect before it goes to the channel fader. By using an effect in pre-fader mode, you are essentially using it as an insert effect without any additional routing. There are a couple of real-time effect devices in the Reason arsenal that can be used as pre-fader or post-fader effects, such as the Comp-01 Compressor, or possibly the PEQ2 parametric EQ. To see how it works, create a Comp-01 compressor on auxiliary 4, activating the pre-fader button on its channel. Next, assign an amount of signal to the real-time effect. You can now turn down the fader of that channel and you will hear just the effect. Then you can turn up the fader to hear the mix of both the dry signal and the affected signal. As you can see, reMix is a compact and versatile mixer that offers many creative possibilities. It also has a few more tricks up its sleeve, which you will discover in future chapters.