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and you will see that the auxiliary sends are routed to the inputs on both of the effect units. You will also notice that the virtual outputs of the effect units are routed back to reMix. These are called the returns. The returns are located in the upper-right corner of reMix. They are responsible for returning a specific amount of the processed signal back into the channel strip. See Figure 6.29 to get a better idea of how this process works. You can use up to four auxiliary effects per instance of reMix. If that isn't enough for you (it rarely is in my case), you can create another reMix and route additional effects to that device, and connect the two mixers together, in a process called chaining. Chapter 14 covers some creative effect routing options in Reason. Figure 6.28 Follow the cables in the back of the Device Rack to see how the send effects are routed in reMix.