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Figure 6.25 Activate the EQ section of reMix. Figure 6.26 Have some fun and make EQ adjustments to any of the active channels in the Tutorial Song. LESS EQ, LESS CPU As long as I have been using virtual studio programs such as Cubase or Pro Tools, I have never seen a program as CPU-optimized as Reason. Even back when I was using a really slow G3 laptop running at a then-blistering 233MHz, I could get a lot more performance out of Reason than any other virtual studio program in my arsenal. That said, Reason's EQs and effects do require a certain amount of CPU resources in order to be used effectively. Located in the lower-left corner of the Transport Control is Reason's CPU meter, which indicates how much of your computer's CPU is being used in your song, much like the temperature gauge on your car. If you happen to notice that your CPU meter is starting to run a little on the high side, temporarily turning off an EQ or two might save some precious CPU speed.