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Live Automation > Using an External Controller to Automate - Pg. 338

There are two ways to automate live in Reason: Using your mouse Using an external MIDI controller Using the Mouse to Automate If you do not have an external controller, you can use your mouse as a means of automating your Reason parameters. In this tutorial, you will automate a couple of reMix faders and knobs. Before beginning, start a new song and create an instance of reMix. Ready? Follow these steps: 1. 2. Choose Create > Sequencer Track. Note that the created sequencer track is armed to receive MIDI data (see Figure 15.1). Click on the Output pop-up menu of the new sequencer track. You should have two choices--Disconnect (which is grayed out) and Mixer 1. Choose Mixer 1 so this sequencer track will be able to receive MIDI data (see Figure 15.2). Click on the Record button on the Transport Panel. This will make the sequencer ready to record. Now click on the Play button on the Transport Panel, or just press the spacebar key on your keyboard to start recording. As soon as the sequencer begins to record, select a reMix channel fader to automate and begin to make volume changes to it by clicking and dragging up and down with your mouse (see Figure 15.3). Notice that Automation Override LED 3. 4. 5.