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Using an External Controller to Automate > Using an External Controller to Auto... - Pg. 340

Using an External Controller to Automate The use of an external controller is a great solution for those of you who find using a mouse to automate Reason parameters a bit cumbersome. An external controller can send MIDI controller data to any of the Reason devices, making it perfect for creating volume changes, synth parameter changes, and transport controls. This tutorial shows you how to automate reMix by using the M-Audio Ozone, which has eight knobs that send out MIDI controller information (see Figure 15.6). I have set up the Ozone so that Knob 1 controls reMix channel 1. Make sure that you have started a new Reason song and have created an instance of reMix. Additionally, make sure that you have set up your external controller as a MIDI input device by choosing it from the MIDI page within the Preferences window (see Figure 15.7). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Choose Create > Sequencer Track. Once the track is created, rename it reMix. Set the output of the reMix sequencer track to Mixer from its pull-down menu. Click on the Record button on the Main Transport. This will make the sequencer ready to record. Now click on the Play button on the Main Transport, or just press the spacebar key on your keyboard to start recording. As soon as the sequencer begins to record, begin to make volume changes to channel 1 by turning the external controller's knob clockwise to increase its value and counter-clockwise to decrease (see Figure 15.8). Press the spacebar again to stop recording. The automation data will be written on the reMix sequencer track, and there will be a neon green framed box around the channel 1 fader. 6. Figure 15.6 The M-Audio Ozone is a keyboard controller, external controller, and audio card, all rolled into one. Figure 15.7 Ozone has been selected as the MIDI input device.