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Using the Mouse to Automate > Using the Mouse to Automate - Pg. 337

15 Automation A necessity for any studio, virtual or hardware, is the capability to automate your mix. Automation means the capability to automatically control equipment by recording its movements. A good example of automation is a hardware mixer with motorized faders that are programmed to automatically move with the mix (also known as flying faders). Reason's automation can record the movements of any device parameter, and those movements recur as you play back the song. In this chapter, you learn to automate Reason's parameters. It's easy and fun. Reason is simply one of the easiest programs to automate. Any parameter in the Device Rack can be automated just by doing the following. 1. 2. Create a sequencer track. Note that this is already done when you create any virtual synth device, such as the Subtractor or NN-19. Route the output of the sequencer track to the device that you want to automate.