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Installing and Configuring Reason > Installing the Program - Pg. 30

Figure 2.13 You will also need to enter the license number, which can be found in your Reason box. 8. When Reason first starts up, you will be prompted to register your copy and be given the options of doing so now or later. If you want to register it right then and there, your computer will need to be connected to the Internet. A web browser will launch and take you to the Registration page on the Propellerhead website, where you can enter your data and register your software. If you are not ready to do this right now, just click on the Register Later button and take care of it at another time. SAVING SPACE Because installing all of the Reason Sound Banks can eat up more than 1GB of hard drive space, you might be interested to know that you can install them on a second hard drive, or, as mentioned earlier, choose not to install them. If you want to install the Sound Banks onto another hard drive, you can either move them to the other hard drive after installing them on your main hard drive, or you can copy them from the Reason CDs.