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Installing and Configuring Reason > Configuring Reason - Pg. 32

REASON TO THE RESCUE If you click on the Help button in the lower-right corner of the Preferences page (see Figure 2.14), a Help menu will launch and give you a detailed explanation of every option in the Preferences page. Next up, take a look at the Audio preferences page, which is accessed by navigating to the General pull-down menu and selecting Audio, as shown in Figure 2.17. First, you have to select the best audio card driver for Reason. Click on the Audio Card Driver pull-down menu and Reason will give you a list of available drivers that can be used with Reason. Below this is the sample rate. Reason can work with many sampling rates, varying from 22kHz to 96kHz. If this is your first time using Reason, stick with 44.1kHz. Below the sampling rate lies the buffer size, which plays an active role in determining the amount of latency. As you make adjustments to the slider control, notice that the output latency decreases or increases depending on which way you go. For your first time out, it's not important to use the lowest possible setting (see the following tip), but it should be set toward the left side. The Play in Background option tells Reason to keep on playing, even if you are using two applications at one time. Because I often use several applications at one time, I think this is a neat feature. You can select this option if you want. Figure 2.17 Use the pull-down menu in the Preferences window to switch between the different preference types.