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How Does ReWire Work? > Using ReWire with SONAR 2.2 (Windows Only) - Pg. 370

Figure 17.22 The SONAR DXi synth options can be very useful when using virtual synths for the first time, because these options take all of the guesswork out of the picture. 5. 6. SONAR will then automatically launch Reason. SONAR will also create a Reason device in the Synth Rack window. Once Reason has loaded the built-in song, click on Play and look at the Audio Out device in the Reason Device Rack. Notice that Reason is now set to ReWire Slave Mode, which means that Reason will follow or chase to SONAR. Also notice that the tempo of Reason's built-in song is set to the same tempo as SONAR. Select View > Console. This will launch the SONAR virtual mixer. If you are still playing the built-in song, you will see the SONAR meters jumping with delight. Click on Stop. Should you want to quit SONAR and Reason, remember to quit Reason first, followed by SONAR. If you try to quit SONAR first, an alert window will pop up to remind you. 7. 8. 9.