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How Does ReWire Work? > Using ReWire with Orion Platinum 4.0 (Windows Only) - Pg. 373

5. If you want to send different Reason instruments and devices to their own individual outputs, just press the Tab key on your computer keyboard to swing the Device Rack around. You can then click and drag the outputs of the individual Reason devices to the Audio Out channels (see Figure 17.27). Just keep in mind that stereo Reason synths such as the Malström and NN-19 require two channels in Orion. Additionally, once you have routed them to their ReWire channels, you will need to pan one channel hard left and the other hard right. Should you want to quit Orion and Reason, remember to quit Reason first, followed by Orion. If you try to quit Orion first, an alert window will pop up to remind you. 6. Figure 17.27 Click and drag the individual outputs of your Reason devices to the audio output device.