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Using ReWire with SONAR 2.2 (Windows Onl... > Using ReWire with SONAR 2.2 (Windows... - Pg. 372

Figure 17.25 Synapse Audio's Orion Platinum has VSTi, DXi, and ReWire support under one roof and sports some very cool synths of its own. Make sure that you are using the built-in song for Reason, so you can follow along. 1. 2. Launch Orion. Select Insert > ReWire. Orion will then display the different ReWire applications available. As you can see in Figure 17.26, my machine has three ReWire applications available: Reason, ReBirth, and Project5. Select Reason. Orion will then automatically create 16 individual mixer channels for Reason and launch the Reason application. Once Reason is launched and the built-in song is open, click on Play in Orion and you will see Reason sync to Orion. 3. 4. Figure 17.26 You can access your ReWire devices from the Insert pull-down menu.