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USING REWIRE WITH PROJECT5 Riding high on the success of SONAR, Cakewalk released their answer to Reason, called Project5 (see Figure 17.24). This virtual synth studio functions a lot like Reason in that it has plenty of virtual synths, sound modules, and sequencers. To top it off, Project5 also supports ReWire, which suggests that it could be used with Reason, but there is a catch. Unlike SONAR, Project5 is not a ReWire master program. Rather, it is a ReWire slave (like Reason), which can chase to any ReWire master program, such as SONAR. In all likelihood, Project5 will become a ReWire master program in a future update. So, in order to use Project5 with Reason, a ReWire master program, such as Cubase SX/SL, Pro Tools LE, SONAR, Orion, or Ableton Live, is required. If you have the money and a fast enough computer to accomplish this feat (remember, you are now running three programs at one time, which requires a lot of CPU speed), simply use any of the PC-based tutorials in this chapter as a template and you should be able to figure it out with no trouble at all. Figure 17.24 Cakewalk's Project5 is a virtual synth studio like Reason.