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Using ReWire with Pro Tools LE 6.1 > Using ReWire with Pro Tools LE 6.1 - Pg. 369

Using ReWire with SONAR 2.2 (Windows Only) There's no doubt that the last couple of years have been good ones for Cakewalk, because SONAR (Windows only) has accumulated a long list of great reviews from the press and its user base (see Figure 17.20). Now with ReWire, you can integrate the synths and sound modules of Reason with the audio recording and MIDI sequencing capabilities of SONAR 2.2. Make sure that you are using the built-in song for Reason, so you can follow along. 1. 2. Launch SONAR and start a new blank project. Select View > Synth Rack. You can also click on the DXi button, which is located in the Project window. Once you select it, the blank synth rack will open, as shown in Figure 17.21. In the top-left corner of the Synth Rack window, click on the Insert DXi instrument and Reason devices button. A pull-down menu will then appear with a submenu for DXi synths and one for ReWire devices. Select the Reason option from the ReWire devices submenu. SONAR will then pop up a window asking for synth and ReWire options (see Figure 17.22). If this is your first time performing this task, make sure that you specify SONAR to create a MIDI Source track and a First Synth Output track as well. Click OK. 3. 4. Figure 17.20