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Using ReWire with Logic 6.0 (Mac Only) > Using ReWire with Logic 6.0 (Mac Only) - Pg. 364

Figure 17.10 Select RW: Mix L to route the left Reason channel of the stereo mix into the audio mixer. 8. 9. Before you click on Play, pan Audio 1 to hard left, and Audio 2 to hard right. This is necessary in order to achieve a true stereo mix. Click on Play in Logic, and Reason should now chase to Logic without a problem. As is the case with Cubase, Logic can send MIDI data to Reason, making it a perfect solution for using Reason as a virtual synth module from within the Logic environment. However, the process to do this is pretty complicated, so follow along closely. 1. Open the audio mixer in Logic. Select New > ReWire from the Internal submenu. This will create a ReWire object, located at the bottom of the audio mixer (see Figure 17.11). The channel properties portion of the audio mixer lists all of the properties for the ReWire object. In this tutorial, you are going to route this object to Redrum, so rename the object Drums. Navigate to the Cha portion of the properties portion of the audio mixer, which should be set to All. Click and hold this pop-up menu to view the list of available Reason devices that can be controlled. Locate the Drums device and select it (see Figure 17.12). 2. 3. Figure 17.11 Create a ReWire object in the audio mixer.