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How Does It Work? > Step-Programming the Drum Machines - Pg. 402

And here's the icing on the cake folks--included on the ReBirth CD is a program called Mod Packer. It allows you to create your own Mods. If you have any old drum machines that you want to breathe new life into, you can sample them and create a whole new Mod on your own. Once you have finished it, you can submit it to Propellerhead Software to see if they will post it on their site for others to enjoy. Isn't that cool? Hold the Phone! Isn't This Book about Reason? Indeed, this book is about Reason, but it's also about the technologies that allow Reason to work with other programs and technologies, of which ReBirth is a prime example. If you recall in Chapter 17, "ReWire," ReBirth was the first program to contain the ReWire technology and it was used very heavily by the Cubase community, because Cubase was the first major host software to support it. Thankfully, Reason was ReWire-ready the moment it was released in 2000. However, ReBirth and Reason work together via ReWire a little differently than the other host applications covered in Chapter 17. That said, I am going to take you through a ReWire tutorial involving ReBirth and Reason. Ready? Set? Let's go! 1. Chapter 17 discussed the difference between a ReWire master and a ReWire slave. In this ReBirth/Reason scenario, Reason is the master and ReBirth is the slave. So, first start Reason with an empty Device Rack and create a reMix device (see Figure A.12). Next, navigate to the Create pull-down menu and select ReBirth Input Machine. 2.