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How and What Can Reason Export? > Export MIDI - Pg. 383

Figure 18.13 Find the end marker and drag it to the left, so Reason will just export the measures with active MIDI data on them, rather than a bunch of empty measures. 3. Reason will then ask you to name your MIDI file and where you would like to place it. As shown in Figure 18.14, this example keeps the original name and saves the file to the desktop, where it can be located quickly. Click Save. After you quit Reason, you should see the Tutorial Song MIDI file on your desktop (see Figure 18.15). At this point, you can save it onto a floppy drive and pass it to your friend, but let's suppose that you have another audio/MIDI program on your computer, such as Cubase SX. Open that program so you can see what the Reason MIDI file looks like. Import the MIDI file into your audio/MIDI program and you will see all four tracks of the Tutorial Song displayed as MIDI information (see Figure 18.16). Notice that all of the MIDI tracks still have their original names and that each track is set to MIDI channel 1. Because Reason's sequencer is not channel-dependent like a 4. 5.