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GET HEARD NOW! The Propellerhead website is a fantastic portal to post your published song. Literally hundreds of users a day visit the Propellerhead website to listen to the latest creations and audio innovations of the electronic scene, so why not be a part of the team? You will need to register your copy of Reason at to obtain a username and password. Once you do, you can upload your Reason songs to their server and, with a little luck, you're on your way to creating your own online fan base! Getting Your Music to CD At this point, you should now have exported your mix to an audio file, and it is sitting on your computer, waiting for the next step. That step is getting your music onto a CD to play in your car stereo or impress your buddies! In order to do this, you need the following items: A CD burner--If you are using a newer Mac or PC, you should already have one installed and ready to use in your computer. If not, just take a quick trip to your local computer shop and pick one up. With today's prices, you should be able to find a good internal or external CD burner for around $50-150.