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Publishing a Reason Song > Publishing a Reason Song - Pg. 388

GOT REFILL? As previously stated, a published song that is self-contained comes complete with all extra samples and custom presets, making it a great way to pass your composition along to a friend or community. There is one exception to this rule, and that is when a user creates a song using ReFills. As you have read many times throughout this book, a ReFill is a compilation of sounds and presets created exclusively for use in Reason. When you create and publish your song using the ReFills that come with Reason 2.5, other users will be able to open that published song without a problem, because both you and they own the same ReFill collections. But what happens when you create a song using a different ReFill collection? Take a trip to the Propellerhead website, and find the link on the front page that's called Reason ReFill. This link will take you to a page that contains all of the known available ReFills, both free and commercial. At last count, there were over 80 available ReFills. That's a lot of sounds and loops, folks! So, let's say that you have created a song using the "Skip To My Loops" ReFill by AMG and published that song in Reason. Any users who download that published song will also need to have the same ReFill installed on their computers in order to listen to the song as you intended. To demonstrate my point, I have created a song that uses a ReFill collection called "King Tone Grooves," which can be found at I then published this song and placed it on a Macintosh computer that has Reason 2.5 installed but does not have the "King Tone Grooves" ReFill available on it. As you can see in Figure 18.25, Reason tries to locate the REX files that I used in my published song, but cannot find them because they are not installed on my Mac. To conclude, if you are planning to publish your Reason songs to be heard by your soon-to-be adoring fans, just remember that you should try to use samples and REX loops from commonly used ReFill collections, so others can appreciate your eclectic vision. Figure 18.25 When I try to open the published Reason song on my Mac, I get an error message stating that it cannot find the REX loops used in this song. Reason will then open the song, but the Dr:rex will display that the loop is missing.