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Figure 18.16 The Tutorial Song imported into Cubase SX. Notice that all of the MIDI tracks still have the same names as they did in Reason. Notice that the first MIDI track is set to MIDI channel 1. All of the other tracks will be set to MIDI channel 1 as well. Publishing a Reason Song Reason's publishing function is a unique idea, because it creates a special Reason song file that can be opened on any computer that has Reason 2.5 installed. Although that might not sound all that exciting at first, the publish song function has a couple of aces up its sleeve. 1. Aside from ReFills (read the "Got ReFill?" note later in this chapter), a published song can be made self-contained. All extra samples and custom presets can be saved within a published song so that they can be opened and heard from any computer with Reason 2.5 installed. Published songs are semi-copyright safe. If a user opens a published song, that song cannot be saved with a different filename, nor can a user make saved changes to a published song. However, a user can export a published song as an audio file. 2. HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE Look in your Reason program folder and find the Demo Songs folder. Open this folder and you will see several demo songs that have been prepared by other Reason users. First, notice that the filename is followed by an .rps extension (Reason Published Song), as opposed to the standard .rns file extension found on new Reason songs that you create and save. This is the first indication that these song files are published songs. Next, open any of the demo songs and look at the File pull-down menu. As you can see in Figure 18.17, there is no way of saving this published song. That's the second clue that this is a published song.