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Getting Your Music to CD > Burning CDs with Mac OS X - Pg. 396

6. Click on the Burn Disc button again, and iTunes will begin to burn a CD. This can take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on how much audio is being written. Once the burning process is complete, just quit iTunes and eject the CD. 7. BURNING DATA IN MAC OS X OS X can also burn data CDs with ease. Refer back to Figure 18.34. You would select Open Finder from the pull-down menu, and then type a name for the disc. Click on OK and OS X will create a CD-R icon on the desktop. Just drag and drop your files on the CD-R icon and OS X will prep them for burning. Once this is complete, just drag the CD-R icon into the Trash, which will begin the burning process. OS X will ask you at what speed to burn the CD. Select Maximum and let her burn! BACK IT UP OFTEN As I have stated many times throughout this book, remember to back up your data. Follow the steps given in these tutorials and make a weekly or bi-weekly habit of backing up important data, such as new Reason songs, ReFills, and other important data. At this point, you should now have created an audio file from your Reason compositions. From here on, what you do with that capability is up to you. Want to burn a CD for your buddies? Want to make MP3s and upload them to your website? These days, the possibilities for distributing your music are almost endless.