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Step-Programming the Bass Synths The bass synths are programmed in a step fashion, which is a little tedious but gives you great control. As shown in Figure A.3, to the far left of the first bass synth, you must first specify the number of 16th note steps within a given pattern. By default, ReBirth assigns 16 steps to all of the machines, which is good for use in four-four time. Although a little tricky, other time signatures can be created by changing the number of steps, but this example sticks with 16 steps for now. To the right of the bass synth is the step programmer, as shown in Figure A.4. In this section, you must program each step, one at a time, by using either your mouse or your computer keyboard. Some of the available parameters that are at your disposal include step rests, accents, and slides. Slides in particular are one of my favorites to use, because they make it easy to combine two 16th notes in order to create one 8th note. After programming a single pattern, you can program seven more patterns for just one bank. After that, you have another 24 patterns to create if you want. Figure A.3 How many 16th notes do you need? ReBirth will provide. Figure A.4