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A The ReBirth of Cool Believe it or not, Reason is not the first flame of popularity that Propellerhead has lit up in the electronic music community. Long before Reason was even a spark in a haystack, there was ReBirth. ReBirth, on the market in 1997, was, in my opinion, the first real virtual synth. Back then, there were numerous attempts to claim that coveted title, such as Reality, Turbosynth, and Generator (later to be Reaktor), but none of them had the versatility, simplicity, and sex appeal of ReBirth (see Figure A.1). ReBirth is a powerful combination of bass synths and drum machines that look very familiar to connoisseurs of hardware synthesis. They are familiar because the bass synths are physically modeled versions of the very popular Roland TB303 bass synths, and the drum machines are software emulations of the TR808 and TR909 drum machines, all shown in Figure A.2. In the world of electronic music, these three hardware synths were, and still are, among the most sought after, not only due to their classic look, but also because they have a sound that is just it for electronic music. Believe me, long before I was a believer in the "virtual studio," I looked high and