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Burning CDs with Mac OS X With Mac OS X, it simply doesn't get any easier to burn CDs; iTunes is a fantastic program! There are times when I still can't believe it is free. Follow these steps to burn an audio CD from iTunes: 1. Start by placing a blank CD in your burner and closing it. Once the blank CD starts to spin, OS X will detect it as a blank and will open a window that has a few options that can be selected via pull-down menu, as shown in Figure 18.34. Select Open iTunes and click OK. After clicking OK, iTunes will launch (see Figure 18.35). Once iTunes has launched, it informs you that it has detected a blank CD and gives you a couple of hints on how to burn an audio CD. You will now need to create a playlist. Go to the File pull-down menu and select New Playlist. Once this is done, iTunes will create an untitled playlist on the left side of the iTunes interface. You can click on the playlist and rename at any time (in Figure 18.36, it's been renamed to My First Burn). 2. 3. Figure 18.34 When you first insert your blank CD, OS X wants to know what kind of CD you are going to create. Select iTunes to