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Burning CDs with Windows XP > Burning CDs with Windows XP - Pg. 393

7. Next, the Windows Media Player will launch. Notice in Figure 18.32 that the songs that you want to burn are listed on the left side. This list is known as a playlist which is simply a list of songs that can be played or burned in any order you choose. When you have your playlist ready, just click on the Copy Music button located in the upper-right corner. At this point, Windows Media Player will begin to burn your audio CD. This can take anywhere from one minute to 30 minutes, depending on how many songs are being burned (see Figure 18.33). Once this is completed, you can choose to burn another CD by just popping a new blank disc in the CD burner, or just close the Windows Media Player if you are done. 8. 9. Figure 18.32 The Windows Media Player will now launch. Notice on the left side of the interface that your playlist of audio is ready to be burned. Click the Copy Music button to begin the burning process.