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Export Audio > Export Your Reason Song as an Audio File - Pg. 379

Figure 18.3 In the Tutorial Song, find the end marker and drag it to the left until it reaches measure 45. Figure 18.4 Make sure the sequencer tracks you want to export have not been muted. export a mix without the Redrum module, you can simply mute the Redrum track either on its sequencer track or by clicking on its Mute button in reMix. This way, Reason will not include Redrum in the export of the mix (see Figure 18.5). 3. Choose File > Export Song As Audio File. A new window will pop up and ask you to name your song and select a location for it (see Figure 18.6). For simplicity's sake, save the mix to the desktop and keep its original name (Tutorial Song). At this point, you can also select which audio file format to export your mix as--AIFF or WAV. The golden rule is typically "WAV files for Windows and AIFF for Macs."