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Export Audio > Export Your Reason Loop as an Audio File - Pg. 381

You can create drum loops and synth loops in Reason, export them as audio files, and import them into your DAW application. This is a much better solution, because it saves your precious CPU speed. That said, let's get on with it and create a four-bar digital audio loop in Reason. As with the last tutorial, use the Tutorial Song once again so you can keep up with the group. 1. 2. 3. Click and drag the left and right locators to measures 13 and 17, respectively (see Figure 18.10). This will give you a four-bar loop to work with. Make sure your Loop button is set to On in the Reason Transport Panel. Listen to the loop and decide which single instrument you want to export as a digital audio file. This example exports the Redrum track for Figure 18.11, so either click on the Solo button on the Redrum channel in reMix or mute all of the other sequencer tracks except for the Redrum track. Now you are set to export your audio loop. Navigate to the File pull-down menu and select Export Loop As Audio File. As with the last tutorial, you need to name the file and select a location for it. You then need to specify your digital audio settings to export your digital audio loop. 4. 5. Figure 18.10 Click and drag the left and right locators to measures 13 and 17, respectively.