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Export Your Reason Loop as an Audio File > Export Your Reason Loop as an Audio ... - Pg. 382

Export MIDI As you read in Chapter 5, "The Reason Sequencer--Close Up," Reason can import any MIDI file to be used within the Reason sequencer. This can lead to some very interesting remixing ideas by routing these various MIDI tracks to some of Reason's virtual synths and sound modules. One of my little musical pastimes involves downloading MIDI files of bands I like from the Internet and remixing them with the Reason synths. I then add new elements to them with REX loops and real- time effects. It's like reinterpreting classic rock tunes and creating a whole new concept around those songs. Believe me, Kate Bush and Depeche Mode never sounded so good! As luck would have it, Reason 2.5 can also export MIDI files from any opened Reason song. This allows you to import that MIDI file into another program, such as Cubase or SONAR. These MIDI tracks can then be routed to either hardware or software synths for further remixing or so you can record a few tracks of audio. Let's go over how to export a Reason song as a MIDI file. Open the Tutorial Song, which is located in the Reason folder (see Figure 18.12) and then follow these steps. 1. Find the end marker, which is located to the far right of your Reason song. Click and drag the end marker to the end of your Reason song. By doing this, Reason will export just your song and not a lot of empty measures (see Figure 18.13). Select File > Export MIDI File. 2. Figure 18.12