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Pitch and Modulation Located to the far left of the main display, the Pitch and Modulation controls are common to just about every Reason synth. Pitch Wheel--This wheel is used to bend the pitch of the sample up and down. The potential range of the pitch bend effect is determined by its corresponding controls found in the Remote Editor. Modulation Wheel--This wheel is used to control and modify a number of parameters, such as Filter Frequency, Resonance, and Level. When used effectively, modulation is a key tool for adding expression to your sampled instruments. Note that the Modulation Wheel is called the Wheel or simply "W." External Control To the right of the Modulation Wheel is the External Control Wheel. The External Control Wheel can receive three MIDI controller messages and then send that data to any of its assigned parameters in the NN-XT Remote Editor. Aftertouch Expression Breath Additionally, the External Control Wheel can be used to send these three MIDI controller messages to the Reason Sequencer, should your MIDI keyboard not support these parameters.