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Editing Your Performance > Adding Velocity - Pg. 112

Figure 5.54 The Key lane is the assigned editor to the Subtractor, Malström, NN-19, and NN-XT Reason devices. Also notice that the Velocity lane is active. Figure 5.55 Select 1/8 from the Snap pull-down menu, so you can draw 8th notes. 4. Select the Pencil tool and proceed to draw in an 8th-note sequence. For the sake of simplicity, you might want to try something as simple as a C major arpeggio (C-E-G), as shown in Figure 5.56. Click on Play. You will hear the sequence play back in perfect time. At this point, you can try drawing in some different velocities for effect. Click on the Switch to Arrange Mode button to switch modes. 5. 6. Figure 5.56 Draw in an 8th note sequence. In this example, I have drawn an arpeggio line based on the C major scale. Notice that each drawn note has a default velocity of 100.