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Adding Velocity > Adding Velocity - Pg. 114

Figure 5.58 As you hold the Ctrl key (Option key for the Mac) and click and drag your events to the right, the pointer will display a +, indicating that it is copying the events. Figure 5.59 The events are now copied and pasted. For the next example, you'll use Dr:rex and the REX Lane Editor. Prepare for the example by clicking on the Subtractor in the Reason Device Rack and selecting Dr:rex Loop Player from the Create pull-down menu. This will place Dr:rex just below the Subtractor. Now, load a REX file by clicking on the Dr:rex Patch Browser button and selecting a REX loop from the Reason Factory Sound Bank. If you are not sure how to do this, refer back to Chapter 4, when you created your first Reason song. 1. After loading your REX loop into the Dr:rex device, click on the To Track button to