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Adding Velocity > Adding Velocity - Pg. 113

MOVING EVENTS After writing your sequence, you can easily shift the events around by using the pointer tool. Try selecting it and then clicking and dragging on individual events to change their events and time locations. Notice when you're doing this that you can move the events left and right only by 8th-note increments. This is because the Snap is set to 1/8. If you want to make finer adjustments, try changing the Snap value to 16th notes (1/16). DUPLICATING MIDI EVENTS After performing or drawing in MIDI events, you can very easily duplicate those MIDI events in order to create a repetition. There are two ways to do this: use the Copy/Paste trick that you learned in the last chapter, or use the mouse and a key command to duplicate the events and place them anywhere you want. Let's have a look at the first method by using the Tutorial Song, selecting the Subtractor track, and switching to the Edit mode. 1. 2. 3. Use the Selector tool to draw a marquee around a selection of MIDI events. Choose Copy from the Edit pull-down menu (or use the Ctrl+C or Apple+C key command). Select Paste from the Edit pull-down menu (or use the Ctrl+V or Apple+V key command). This will paste the copied events right after the original selection of events (see Figure 5.57).