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Drawn Automation > Drawing Automation in the Controller Lane - Pg. 342

Automation Override Once you have written in your live automation data, you might want to either add more automation data to the same parameter or redo it entirely. There are two ways to do this. One way is to switch to Edit mode and use the Editing tools of the Sequencer toolbar to redraw and erase automated parameters. This method is covered later in this chapter. The other way to edit your live automation data is to use the Automation Override function, which is found in the Transport Panel of the sequencer (see Figure 15.10). The Automation Override function makes it possible to replace an entire automation movement, or simply add to an existing one. Notice in Figure 15.10 the Reset button. This button is used to make the previous automation active again while still keeping the newly recorded automation up to that point. You can see for yourself how to use the Automation Override by performing the following exercise. Get ready by starting a new Reason song and creating an instance of reMix and an instance of Subtractor. 1. Start by recording a quick automation of the Subtractor's Modulation Wheel with either your mouse or a MIDI controller. Use the previous tutorials as examples if you are unsure how to do this. Once the automation data has been recorded, click on Stop and you should see it in the Subtractor sequencer track (see Figure 15.11). Click on Play to view the automation data playback. 2.