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Automating the Pattern Lane > Automating the Pattern Lane - Pg. 347

AUTOMATING LIVE PATTERN CHANGES As you know, any parameter in any Reason device can be automated live, and this definitely includes the Pattern section of the Matrix and Redrum. Try the following exercise: 1. 2. 3. Using the previous tutorial, switch to Arrange mode and clear the automation from the Pattern section of Redrum. Select the Selector tool and click on the Record and Play buttons to start recording pattern changes. Pattern A1 should already by playing. While recording, click on Redrum's Pattern A2 button on the downbeat of bar two. As Pattern A2 begins to play at bar two, the sequencer track should now reflect that it has recorded a pattern change (see Figure 15.20). Stop the sequencer. If you switch to the Edit mode, you'll see that Pattern A1 has been automatically drawn in at the bar closest to where the Position Indication was when you stopped recording (see Figure 15.21). 4. Once the pattern changes have been recorded, you can keep them as is. You can also redo them with the Automation Override or draw them in with the Pattern lane. Figure 15.20 The sequencer has recorded a pattern change.