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Automating the Pattern Lane > Automating the Pattern Lane - Pg. 345

SHORTCUT TO AUTOMATION Here's a handy shortcut to view the Controller lane of any parameter you want to automate in the Edit mode. Hold down the Alt key on your computer keyboard and click on any Reason device parameter (or use the Alt/Option key and click on your Mac). Let's use the previous tutorial as an example. If you are in the Arrange mode and you want to view the automation data of the Subtractor's Master Level parameter, hold down the Alt key and click on the parameter with your mouse. The Reason sequencer will switch to Edit mode and display both the Velocity lane and the Master Level Controller lane. Automating the Pattern Lane The Pattern lane is found in the Edit mode of the Reason sequencer and is used to write in automation data for the Pattern section of the Matrix and Redrum, which are pattern-driven devices (see Figure 15.15). The next tutorial shows you how to draw in pattern data to automate the Pattern section of the Redrum. Before beginning, take a minute to start a new Reason song, create a reMix and Redrum. Although it's not necessary, you might also want to load up a Redrum kit and create a few patterns (refer back to Chapter 7, "Redrum--Close Up," for details on this). 1. Click on the Switch to Edit mode and you'll see the Drum lane, the Velocity lane, and the Pattern lane.