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AUTOMATING WITH OVERDUB When recording automation, take a minute to verify that your Record mode is set to Overdub and not Replace before you begin. If you record automation while in Replace mode, you will erase any recorded MIDI performance on that sequencer track. Although there are unlimited levels of Undo in Reason, it is very annoying to go back and fix a mistake that could have been avoided. That pretty much covers live automation. As I stated before, any parameter in Reason can be automated live in real time. Next, you'll take a look at drawn automation. Drawn Automation Another way of automating Reason's parameters is by manually drawing the automation into the Reason sequencer. This can appear to be a little tedious at first, but it is very helpful for correcting or modifying any previously written automation data. Drawing Automation in the Controller Lane In this tutorial, you will automate the individual parameters of the Subtractor by drawing automation in via the Reason sequencer. Before you begin, start a new Reason song; create a reMix and a Subtractor. It's also a good idea to quickly write in a sequence so you can hear the changes