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Figure 2.1 Here's a typical Reason studio that is ready to rock and roll with the best of them. Midi in Audio out Audio in Audio out Audio out Audio in Midi out What's Under the Hood? Whether you are buying a computer off the shelf at your local computer store, having a computer customized and built to your specifications, or making a brave attempt at buying the parts and building your own system, there are five factors (or commandments if you will) that will ultimately determine the performance you will get from Reason. Here are the five commandments of computer building (you can say these out loud in your best Charlton Heston voice if you want): Thou shalt choose a Central Processing Unit, or CPU, that will be fast enough to get thy music grooving now and for a long time to come. Thou shalt purchase an abundance of Random Access Memory chips, or RAM, which will permit thy music to contain a sea of funky loops, drums, and samples. Thou shalt purchase a large enough hard drive to ensure that thy music can be saved in abundance. Thou shalt purchase a CD burner to back up thy precious music created within Reason. Thou shalt select a proper sound card to ensure that thy music sounds freakin' awesome.