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As mentioned, each oscillator has 32 individual waveforms, listed as follows. The first four are typically found on any hardware analog synth. The remaining 28 are unique and exclusive to the Subtractor. Sawtooth--The most complete of all waveforms because it contains all harmonics. The resulting sound is full and very bright in character. Square--This waveform contains odd numbered harmonics and has a very present hollow timbre to it. Triangle--This waveform contains a few harmonics and has a slight hollow sound to it. Sine--The simplest of all waveforms because it contains no harmonics (overtones). It is a very smooth and soft tone. Waveform 5--This waveform features the high harmonics. Not quite as bright as a sawtooth wave. Waveform 6--This waveform contains several harmonics and can be used to emulate an acoustic piano. Waveform 7--This waveform is very smooth and sounds similar to an electric piano. Waveform 8--This waveform has a very sharp sound and can be used to emulate percussive keyboards like a clavinet. Waveform 9--This waveform can be used for bass sounds.