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The Oscillator Section The Subtractor is the only virtual synth inside of Reason that actually generates sound by pure oscillation (see Figure 9.2). As you read further in this book, you will find that the term "oscillator" is associated with just about every one of the other virtual synths, but this is not precisely accurate. For example, the NN-19 and NN-XT generate sounds by using digital audio samples stored in RAM. Yet they both have an "oscillator" section in their interface. The same is true for the Malström, which is a virtual synth that generates sound by a completely unique form of synthesis called graintable, which you'll take a closer look at in the next chapter. Figure 9.2 The Subtractor has two oscillators, which have 32 individual waveforms each. An oscillator generates sounds by producing a combination of two characteristics: A selected waveform. An assigned pitch. This is done by pressing a key down on your MIDI keyboard. Oscillator 1