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Creative Connections with the Matrix > Using One Matrix with Two Devices - Pg. 302

First, get rid of Unison in order to use the ECF-42 instead. Click on Unison once and choose Cut Device from the Edit pull-down menu. Now, click on the Subtractor once and choose ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter from the Create pull-down menu. This will create an instance of the ECF-42 under the Subtractor. If you press the Tab key to flip the Device Rack around, you will also see that the Subtractor's output has been automatically routed to the ECF-42. Make the following parameter adjustments to the ECF-42 interface. Resonance--Set to 100 Envelope Amount--Set between 50-60 Velocity--Set to 42 Filter Mode--Set to BP12 to use as a band pass filter Decay--Set to 100 Sustain--Set to 24 Release--Set to 0 Okay, you're ready to begin. 1. 2. 3. Press the Tab key to flip the Device Rack. Connect the Curve CV output of the Matrix to the Frequency CV input on the ECF-42. Click on the Matrix to select it and choose Matrix Pattern Sequencer from the