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Creating a Multilayered NN-XT Patch > Importing Chord Samples - Pg. 282

Importing FX Samples The single notes and chords are finished, so now it's time to top it off with a couple of guitar effect samples. I have included two types of effects that are commonly used when playing acoustic guitar: A string slide down the neck of the guitar on the Low E and A strings A slap of the guitar strings against the guitar frets Unlike the chord samples you just imported and configured, these effects are going to be mapped at the C0 key. Use this list as a guide for setting up the correct root notes and key ranges. Low E String Slide.wav--Root Key E0, Lo Key D0, Hi Key G#0 Low A String Slide.wav--Root Key A0, Lo Key A0, Hi Key C1 String Slap.wav--Root Key C#1, Lo Key C#1, Hi Key C#1 KEEPING IT REAL The Reason sequencer is an excellent tool for making your samples sound and act like the actual instrument. Let's use the acoustic guitar patch that you just created as an example. When a player strums a chord on an acoustic guitar, the strings are stroked either down or up. This means that the attack of each string is heard individually, because all six strings cannot be played simultaneously. By using the Snap pull-down menu in the Reason sequencer, you can create a realistic guitar performance by making a few tiny adjustments.