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Importing Chord Samples Now that the single notes have been imported and set up, it's time to import the chord samples. All the chords that were recorded for this tutorial are major triad chords and were recorded with up strokes and down strokes, providing an opportunity to use the Alternate feature. 1. 2. 3. Click on the Load Sample button. This will bring up the sample browser window. Select the E Major Down.wav audio file and import the sample. Because these chord samples were not assigned a root note, the NN-XT will assign the root note to C3 by default. Change the root note to E5, which can be done using the Root knob in the Sample Parameter area. Now that the sample has been assigned the correct root note, you will need to assign the correct key range. Use the Lo Key knob to set the lowest note of the key range to D5. Use the Hi Key knob and set the highest note of the key range to F#5. This will give your E major chords a few extra notes to play. Click in the empty part of the key map to deselect the newly created zone and click on the Load Sample button again. The sample browser window should still be pointed at the Chords folder. Import the E Major Up.wav audio file and the NN- XT will create a zone and import the sample as before. Following the same steps as 1­5 , make the root key E5, the lowest note D5, and the highest note F#5. At this point, you can preview the samples when played together by using the Alt key on your PC, or the Apple Key on your Mac, and clicking in the correct key 4. 5. 6. 7.