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Using Redrum with the Reason Sequencer After you have completed your rhythmic bits and pieces in Redrum, you need to use the Reason sequencer to string your patterns together in order to create a full composition. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can program an automation to switch between patterns in a song. You can copy the patterns into the Reason sequencer for further editing. Let's take a closer look at each of these. Shifting Between Patterns with Automation Automating the patterns of the Redrum sequencer is probably the quickest way to compose your overall song structure and it is surprisingly quick and easy to do. In this next tutorial, you will need to have at least two or three patterns already programmed into the Redrum programmer, because you will be shifting between them during your automation recording. 1. Make sure the Redrum track in the Reason sequencer is armed to receive MIDI data, as shown in Figure 7.47. Also make sure that the Enable Pattern Section option of the Redrum programmer is activated and ready to go, and that Pattern 1 is selected in the Redrum sequencer. Click on Record in the Reason sequencer. This will place the sequencer into Record Ready mode. Click on Play. Both the Reason and Redrum sequencers should start playing. Because you previously selected Pattern 1 in the Redrum programmer, this is what you should be hearing. Let Pattern 1 play for a measure or two, and then get ready to shift patterns by just clicking on Pattern 2. As soon as the next measure starts to record in the Reason sequencer, you should hear Pattern 2 playing. Be sure to notice the automation that has been recorded on the Redrum track in the Reason sequencer (see Figure 7.48). Now switch to Pattern 3. It should start playing as the new measure starts in the Reason sequencer. Click on Stop. Notice that there is now a neon green box around the Pattern section of the Redrum programmer (see Figure 7.49). This means that automation has now been written within this section. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Figure 7.47 Make sure your Redrum track is ready to receive MIDI. Figure 7.48 The Reason sequencer displays automation data as it is being recorded.