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Chapter 9. Subtractor -- Close Up > Using the Subtractor with the Matrix - Pg. 218

As stated, graintable synthesis is a combination of these two forms of synthesis and works in the following way: 1. The oscillators of the Malström play sampled sounds that have been pre-processed in a complex manner and cut into individual grains. From this point on, these converted samples are now called graintables. These graintables are made up of periodic sets of waveforms that, when combined, play back the original sounds. At this point, the graintable is treated in the same way as a wavetable. You have the ability to sweep through the graintable and single out any nuance of the graintable that you would like to manipulate. For example, you could extract a vowel out of a voice graintable. Additionally, the graintable can be manipulated further by incorporating the ability to "shift" the frequency region or "formant" without altering the pitch, which is a granular synthesis quality. 2. 3. Tour the Malström Now that you have learned the fundamentals of graintable synthesis, load up an instance of the Malström and take a tour of the interface. Before you begin this section, start a new Reason song and load an instance of reMix and the Malström. The Oscillator Section