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Chapter 9. Subtractor -- Close Up > A Guided Tour of Subtractor - Pg. 199

Try this exercise to see how ring modulation works: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Initialize the Subtractor patch before you begin. Activate the ring modulator. Note that you won't hear any difference yet, because Osc 2 is still not active. Activate Osc 2. You will now hear the ring modulator in action. At this point, the ring modulator should sound like it is playing one octave above Osc 1. Turn the Osc Mix knob clockwise to the right to hear just the ring modulator. Play some notes on your MIDI keyboard or play a sequence of notes in the Reason sequencer. Make a few adjustments to the semitone controls of either Osc 1 or 2 to start hearing the dissonant effect created by the ring modulator. At this point, you can now turn the Osc Mix knob to the left in order to bring Osc 1 back into the mix. The Filter Section As you read earlier in this chapter, a filter is one of the three elements needed to shape your sounds. The Subtractor is certainly up to the challenge, because there are two filters included that can run independently of each other or be linked (see Figure 9.5). Figure 9.5 Subtractor has two filters