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Chapter 8. Dr:rex -- Close Up > The Synth Parameters - Pg. 183

Amp--When set to a positive value, the velocity will control the amount of volume. A negative value will have the opposite effect. Pitch and Modulation The Pitch and Modulation controls are located on the left side of the Dr:rex interface (see Figure 8.19). Figure 8.19 Pitch and Modulation controls are just what any good synth needs. Get It in Pitch The Dr:rex pitch control is similar to pitch controls on hardware synths--it bends the pitch of the whole loop up or down. The range of the pitch bend is controlled by the Range parameters just above the Bend wheel (see Figure 8.20). You can click on the up and down buttons, or just click and drag in the dialog box itself to change the range. For kicks, try selecting 24, which is the equivalent of 24 semitones, or two octaves. Now click on the Preview button. While the file is playing, use a keyboard controller with a pitch shifting wheel or just click and drag up or down on the Bend wheel to hear the pitch shifting at work.