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Chapter 8. Dr:rex -- Close Up - Pg. 179

filter is in LP 12 mode, the resulting signal will be extremely bass heavy. As the cutoff filter moves up, the bass frequencies will be dynamically enhanced by the resonance and the resulting sound will have the neighbors pounding at your door immediately afterward. WATCH YOUR LEVELS As I have stated, make sure to keep an eye on the Audio Out Clipping LED, at the bottom left of the Transport Panel, especially when you start fiddling with the filters found on just about every synth and sound module in Reason. Not only can you distort your signal, but you also run the risk of damaging your speakers and, more importantly, your ears. To the right of the Filter modes is the Filter Envelope (see Figure 8.14). An envelope is used to modify specific synth parameters, including pitch, volume, and filter frequencies. By using an envelope creatively, you can control how these parameters are modified over a specific amount of time. But before you get ahead of yourself, take a look at the essential controls of the Filter Envelope. Figure 8.14 The Dr:rex Filter Envelope affects the overall impact of the filter.